Breaking Out of the Current Outbreak

Full disclosure: I wrote this piece three weeks ago, before COVID-19 progressed to the point it is as of today, 3/19/20. CALIFORNIA’S CORONAVIRUS STATE OF EMERGENCY CORONAVIRUS CASES SURPASS 100,000 WORLDWIDE CORONAVIRUS CASES INCREASE BY 20% IN 24 HOURS IN UK TO 51 Feeling anxious yet? These are three headlines from major news outlets in … Continue reading Breaking Out of the Current Outbreak

Event Horizon and Malfi

Two totally different things, but something neat that happened recently with the writer, Ronald Malfi. First, I had enough spare time to re-watch this space-horror starring Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill, and Joely Richardson. I have a hard time remembering movies or books that I encountered years before, and it's not getting easier, and reliving this … Continue reading Event Horizon and Malfi