What Do Writers Write About?

Interesting enough, but I don’t really have an answer for this. That’s part of the reason why I don’t post to the blog all that much or interact on Twitter like I should. No only am I trying to write, but now I have to put an entertainer’s cap on as well. I envy those of you that can do this seamlessly, not only are you well written but you’re entertaining as hell. I can rely on you guys for a good chuckle a couple of times a day. It shouldn’t be that hard, considering I hammer out a lot of words. But it is. My go-to social media platform is Twitter, although I’m on Instagram and Goodreads tool, but they are mostly ignored. That means that I have a very limited word count to get your attention. Do I plug something for somebody else? Do I give you a quip, a pun, or a joke? Do I dazzle you some nearly forgotten knowledge? (not likely, but I’m not trying to fool you anyway…) I don’t think I can do it on a regular basis. But I’m trying.

This fall has been very productive for me. If you’ve seen me on Twitter, then you’ll know about my new challenge. 3 for 3s. It’s something new I’m trying, where I write three complete stories in three days. No word limit and it has to be done before bedtime. I completed my first 3 for 3 a couple of weeks ago and now I’m on a 5 for 5. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve written far more than I have in the previous six months. This is a neat challenge that has been pushing me to get to work. I should be looking for a writing partner to try these out with, somebody to hold me accountable, but for now I’m just waiting until the challenge becomes habit before I do that. I’d hate to disappoint you all. I’d say that I’m averaging about 1,000 words per story. That leaves me enough time to work on my thesis novel.

In closing, submissions will be happening for some short work in the next couple of weeks. In terms of movies, I found The Head Hunter starring Christopher Rygh on Shudder. It was a relatively quiet movie about a man that hunts down and collects creatures heads for a living and has to cope with a great personal loss at the hands of said creature. Takes place in medieval times. It’s a great revenge tale. I simply loved it.

Anywho, I think that’s about it for me for today. Catch you at the next chapter.

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