Event Horizon and Malfi

Two totally different things, but something neat that happened recently with the writer, Ronald Malfi. First, I had enough spare time to re-watch this space-horror starring Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill, and Joely Richardson. I have a hard time remembering movies or books that I encountered years before, and it’s not getting easier, and reliving this baby most certainly was my highlight for the week. I simply love the acting and the isolation that comes with Event Horizon. The concept of being stranded in the middle of nowhere with hell on your heels isn’t new, but to pull it off in space and genuinely creep people out in the process is a goddamned art form.

Laurence Fishburne can read a phone book to me, and I’m engaged, he just has that kind of draw.

Now the cool thing, through my school, I was lucky enough to grab an invite to a live interview with horror author Ronald Malfi. Most recently he has published, Bone White, but also has several novels and short stories out, to include: Little Girls and The Night Parade. It was a pretty interesting conversation, and I came out of it thoroughly impressed with this guy, not just in his candidness but also in his ability to connect with a bunch of gushing fans. We threw some curveball questions at him about his writing style, the publishing industry, creative outlets, and boundaries in horror, and Malfi was simply a pro at handling them. It’s hard not to be able to link the interview for you guys as it was a live production for the school, but after that meeting, he’s got a new fan in me, and I can’t wait to read and review some of his works.

On the writing end of things, I’ve been chugging along with the thesis, a full length and publishable novel, which I’m happy with so far. I don’t like outlining too much when I write, but I did a pretty extensive one with this because it’s not just a book; it’s my capstone project and a representation of the type of writer that I am for the school. I don’t want to screw this up and need to make sure everything is buttoned down before the writing really begins. As of now, I have the first draft of the first couple of chapters down, and I’m pleased with the results. Maybe at some point, I’ll be able to show a snippet for you here. For now, that’s all I’ve got. Keep reading, keep writing.

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