Jon Pickering writes speculative fiction and horror stories. In his off-time, he chases two kids and resides with the entity in his house also known as Wife. He is a fan of literature that pushes the limits without overdoing it and believes that the horror genre helps people understand and cope with the darker side of existence. One of the first books that had that effect on him was, Off Season by Jack Ketchum. Ketchum’s writing reinforced that lesson that being scared is a side effect of living. Jon believes that instead of hiding from what scares us, we should embrace it, and only then can we have a clear look at the world around us.

He reads pulp horror, literary horror, genre writing, and anything that twists his stomach into a knot when it’s time to put the book down. Probably more of a fan than a creator, he cannot resist the urge to stop by a bookshop if he drives by it. The best procrastination from working on his own book is by reading one written by somebody else.

Jon is an MFA student at Southern New Hampshire University along with being a member in good standing with The New Hampshire Writer’s Project and New England Speculative Fiction Writers Association. His goal is to support and empower the readers who challenge writers to provide something deeper than a simple story with a happy ending. He believes that writing in general, not just horror, exists to enhance a person’s understanding of our world and the people that live within it. You can find him stalking around on Twitter and Goodreads, or on his blog, The Angry Introvert.