Horror Writer, MFA Student, Part-Time Blogger

I don’t know why you are here when you could be writing a future best-selling novel somewhere. Seriously, I’m pretty interesting, but nowhere near as interesting as those writers and books that are going to be on next years Bram Stoker ballot for Best New Novel. Here’s what you should do. Click shut the laptop off (or the screen of your desktop), go on to Goodreads, and find some dark and twisted new work to buy/download. Then lock yourself up in a closet or something with a bag of M&Ms and get to reading. Writers can’t exist without the help of the customer. Buy it, read it, review it, then repeat. Maybe after all that you should come back here and check me out.

Now on to me. When I say that I’m a “part-time blogger”, I mean it. I’m your guy if you want to read something neat every once in a while, but don’t come everyday expecting something new. If you want new, find me on Twitter or Instagram (links to the right), where we try to fool everybody into thinking that we are better people than we really are.

I write dark fiction, horror, and speculative fiction, most of which takes place in good ol’ New Hampshire. If I’m not doing that, I’m working in emergency communications or playing Dad to a couple of kids, all of which I’m pretty lucky to do.

I’d love to hear back from you guys, feel free to comment or to connect with me on Twitter, one of the only places where I’ll actually get a notification. Thanks for reading this far, my attention span is half of that, so kudos to you! -Jon

In case you needed to see the younger, thinner me