Works in Progress

What’s Coming Your Way

Short Stories: Currently I have four short stories out looking for a new home. They vary in genre and I have high hopes for a couple of them.

The Old Man – A middle aged father with a young wife gets a knock on his door. A face from his past is asking for help. What will he sacrifice for the ones he left behind?

Victims – A violent act leaves a trail of victims; some are related, some aren’t. How much damage can one person do in a single night?

Rockets In July – Saying goodbye to somebody is the hardest thing to do. But this goodbye might take a little more to say than normal.

Button Eyes – Allison agrees to babysit for a new client without meeting her. The kids are a little weird and the house is a little strange and Allison will make sure that she never accepts another job from this client again.

Novels: I’m currently in the process of writing the first draft of one novel.

Untitled Thesis Novel: Northern New Hampshire is the perfect place to go missing. Over the last forty years, dozens of people have disappeared, the majority of them are hikers that are never found again. Sadie Chapman wants to get a true crime podcast off the ground and decides that it might be a good idea to travel to the town that is the center of all of the missing persons reports. That might not be the best strategy that she’s come up with.